Austrian Ski Club

"Land der Berge..." - "Land of Mountains..." with these words the Austrian National Anthem starts. Austrians and the members of our society almost by nature are enthusiastic skiers. Small wonder that the members of the society for years wanted a Ski Club as a sub-group. In 1968 Fritz Stockinger, himself a master skier, took the initiative. Together with some other ski enthusiasts he formed the Austrian Ski Club and became its first president. Fritz held that post for 15 years and in 1983 was named honorary president. Helmut Böhm (10 years) and Edmund Kirkman (8 years) succeded Fritz as presidents.
The main focus of the Ski Club is to arrange for ski lessons for our youngsters. The club is fortunate to have a number of qualified instructors to help in the program. But grown ups are cordially invited to join us on Sundays at the local ski hill, Mount Holly. As a group we enjoy special reduced rates for the lift tickets. We also rent a special room for the members of our ski club where everybody can leave their belongings while enjoying the slopes and warm up after skiing. For many years ski trips to Boyne Country were the highlight of the ski season. Ski races to determine the club champions of various age groups were held on the last day of the trip. On evenings the group got together to sing German songs and exchange the stories of the day.
Ski club officers for 2020
President: Chris Rampin    
Vice President: Herbert Gruber
Secretary: Christoph Kreiter
Treasurer: Irene Novak
Trustees: Karl Nagel, Ethan Novak, Dave Nowak, Bridget Staruch

  Kelly Coleman                                                         Andreas Griesser
Unsere Vereinsmeister/Our Champions

Annual Ski Trip March 6-9, 2020 - Price List

Schiklub Bankett/Ski Club Banquet Saturday, April 27, 2019

Our annual Golf outing
September 22,2019

The Austrian Ski Club is also very active during the summer months. Many of our skiers have discovered golf and the club arranges for golf outings crowned by the annual golf championship tournament in September. Every event and tournament ends - how else could it be - with a "gemütliches" get together with good food and drink and singing of songs from our home countries.

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